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Diet-to-Go is your personal Chef for all of your healthy meals #diettogo

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This is a service review on behalf of Diet-to-Go

Healthy Meals delivered to your door and cooked in 2 Minutes!

How dos that sound? If you are like me, you lack creativity in the kitchen. You want to eat healthier, but you are always on the go and get tired of the same, boring meals. I used to work an office job 40 hours a week and lunch was always such a dilema. The cafeteria only offered a minimum amount of healthy alternatives and I got real bored, real fast! I never seemed to leave myself time to make a lunch and most frozen entrees just do not microwave well! I wish I knew of Diet-to-Go healthy meals then! Not only are there a large variety of unique options, they are healthy, absent of preservatives and microwave beautifully! Just look at the Egg/Vegetable &Cooked Chicken French Bread Pizza above-it even comes with a juice! Just peel back plastic, remove juice and microwave 2 minutes! I remove the juice in the morning so it can thaw.
My son stole this one! Grilled Cheese & Bean Chili with a chocolate muffin. He ate it up and again-2 minutes in the microwave and it was done!

This one was my favorite! Asparagus and Swiss Frittata! It was delicious! I removed the V8 V-Fusion drink and microwaved the Frittata for 2 minutes! Even the edges cooked perfectly. It was quite filling believe it or not!
Tell me that Turkey burger is not packed full of goodness! My 5 year old actually begged to eat this one. He also loves mandarin oranges and he ate this up!
About Diet-to-Go
  • Choose from 3 menus: Traditional (Low-Fat), Vegetarian & Low-Carb
  • Customize your plan: Choose a combo of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner menus in 5 or 7 day amounts
  • Local pick up or home delivery options
The Traditional (Low-Fat) Menu have portion-controlled & balanced meals for an easy weight loss plan, the favorite menu on Diet-to-Go and they are sized just right to keep you fuller for longer
The Vegetarian Menu has a wide variety of tasty vegetarian meals and Ovo-Lacto meals containing dairy & eggs. The meals offer a proper balance of carbs, healthy fats, protein and fiber to stay on your weight loss guidelines
The Low-Carb menu is an Atkins-style plan of 30-net carbs a day. Cuts back on the sugar ingredients for a true low-carb meal.
At you will find real testimonials and it is obvious the pride they take in providing you healthy meals that will enable you to lose weight easily and conveniently. 
Why should you use Diet-to-Go

It is the easiest way to stay on your weight loss goals with Diet-to-Go being your personal Chef for your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. 
No need to shop, clip coupons, battle grocery lines-have the foods delivered to your home or even office!
A Diet-to_go plan makes an excellent gift for someone! Just choose a plan for them, enter THEIR address at checkout and all of their meals will be on you!
Promo codes will save you even more! Until May 23, 2014, you can save 20% off of your first week! Just use promo code: SPRING20 when ordering your plan.

Disclosure: I was provided an assortment of meals for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. They certainly look delicious! And yes, I am always caught on the fly, especially when it comes to my lunches. This seems really portable and easy to prepare in any situation whether it is work, on the go or at home! Thanks for the review!

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