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Deterring a Burglar with Sansi LED Security Motion Lights

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Deterring a Burglar with Sansi LED Security Motion Lights

 Last month I brought you a feature all about LED lighting. I explained why you should choose LED lighting for inside your home. Now let’s move outside and talk about LED lighting to deter burglars using the Sansi LED Security Motion Lights.

light switch

SANSI LED Security lights can turn on automatically when the motion is detected sensing light levels and motion with a range of 180 degrees and max 50 feet. That is a great range in terms of outdoor security lighting. It also has an adjustable design so you can point that light exactly where you need or away from the neighbors windows in our case. There are three working modes, Test Mode, Motion Sensor Mode, and Manual Mode.

sansi insall

The LED Security Light comes with two lamp heads and a motion sensor, a Bar-shaped mounting plate and 3 screws, waterproof gasket, 3 wire connectors, mounting bolt, rubber screw plug in the box. They also have a 5-year warranty.

security back

The light is waterproof, which ensures that the light could work outdoor in rainy weather. I have mine outside our back door under the awning so ours may get damp but won’t get soaked. And it is bright!

security install

The 30W outdoor light is rated at 3,000 lumens, which provides efficient lighting for your exterior living environment. 30W motion sensor light is equivalent to 250W incandescent and that means less energy used. LED lighting is so crisp and bright. I even have LED lighting within my car interior. It is such a great option for safety.

security light

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You can find these on Amazon and see all of the exact specs while on the buying page. You can get the rectangular design like I have or square design. They both have the same number of lights so it is your preference.

Whether you choose the rectangle or square or black or white, you can save 25% with promo code: whatever. This will change the price to only $44.99 shipped! Code expires on 5/31 at 11:59pm PDT

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