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Defend your home wirelessly from anywhere

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

With technology growing tremendously each decade it brings some bad as well as some good to our homes. The bad is that we are wired and loaded with valuable electronics. What we have in our homes today are highly desirable items that encourage home invasions. The good about today’s technology is it is so easy to arm our homes with technology that can catch the crooks or become a deterrent to them. With home security systems like the Canary Indoor Wireless High-Definition All-in-One Home Security Device, you keep your eye on your home from anywhere on any device. 

The Canary home security system is responsible for nearly 75 known burglaries, home invasions, caretaker abuse and other emergency situations that led to arrests since March of 2015. It is your eyes away from home. Like a canary bird that sits in its cage and sees everything and senses danger, this device does the same and set up is so easy! What is needed? An outlet, any device(s) and when you are connecting multiple devices and systems to WiFi you want a capable router such as the Netgear® Nighthawk DST Router and DST adapter (with Geek Squad included) that is also available at Best Buy. You would not want a WiFi connected device such as your home security unit to have connection problems, so make sure you are set up best with this router that is capable of supporting 10+ devices and has the adapter to put in those spots of your home where WiFi lags. It comes with free Geek Squad set up so you are confident you are getting the most from your router and your Canary Home Security system will not lag.

Canary Indoor Wireless High-Definition All-in-One Home Security Device Features
  • Easy Set Up: Plug in and connect wirelessly
  • Pairs with Apple or Google Play app: See live video from anywhere in Watch Live mode
  • Clear capture: vivid HD 1080p resolution with 147 degree view & infrared night vision
  • Arm mode: receive an alert when someone arrives home (children, caregiver)
  • Alert Authorities: only device with 90+ dB Siren and has localized emergency call feature
  • Notification Alerts: receive motion alerts so you can check in live and send authorities if needed
  • Home Air Quality: reads air temperature, humidity and overall air quality

Set up took me just minutes and I have my Canary placed in my front window. Not only do I want to capture who is in my front yard, but I get a lot of packages as a Blogger and with package theft high during the Holidays I want to have that view of my porch. Last year we had a package stolen with over $300 car shocks in the box. I have been so nervous ever since and now I have control over notifications I receive and can be alerted to motion and send authorities. If nothing else, the view is clear all the way to the street so I can see vehicles and descriptions of others. 

Don’t forget to upgrade your router! With all of your cell phones, tablets, devices and units like the Canary you may start to lag or notice a slower signal. Many don’t consider this and you want the best protection possible in your home. A lag in home security at a crucial moment can be devastating!

Learn more: 

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Blogger Project – Netgear Router for all you need about upgrading to a quality router!

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