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Decorate your College Dorm with Chalk Ink

This is a promotional post for Chalk Ink. Opinions are my own

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Chalk Inkdecorate your Dorm
There are times when permanent markings are not a good thing! When you need a marker or paint pen to label something temporarily, what do you use? Not so classy, but I have pulled out the masking tape so that I have a strip to mark and can peel it off when done. There are dry-erase markers, but if the surface is not a dry-erase board they do you no good and don’t show up well on many surfaces. Chalk Ink will mark any non porous surface and looks like chalk, but marks like a paint pen!
I have seen some fun dorm room boards and decor and these Chalk Ink sets would be so fun to have so you can write assignments or events or even have a message wall that is ongoing for friends to write on and you can take down when you leave school to keep and frame. The pen will erase with some water or Windex and the colors will make the marking fun!
Whether it is a memory board on your wall or dates on any surface to have at eye level around your room, Chalk Ink will not stay forever if you don’t want it to! You can even mark on glass! 
You can get a variety of packs from plain white to bright colors. You also can get a variety of tips sizes from broad, chisel, thin and extra thin. 
Mix and match or buy a set and you will always be prepared for any project! Learn more:
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