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Decorate any space with Silk Plants Direct

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

There is something about adding a plant or flowers to a space that automatically brings a smile and adds calm to that room. I would love to keep live plants and flowers in my home and office all of the time, but there are 2 obstacles I have. First, it is not cheap to keep fresh flowers constantly and next, I have a black thumb! By black thumb, I mean not green-I am a serial plant killer. I don’t mean to be, but I can’t keep a plant or flower alive to save my life. So, I love finding selections at Silk Plants Direct that can give me the plant ambiance I want but don’t have to maintain.
Silk Plants Direct has many indoor and outdoor plants and flowers in stock. No matter your style, color theme or location you can spruce any room up with these plants at a reasonable price. The selections and Silk Plants Direct and their Artificial Fire Retardant Trees are great for small spaces and you don’t have to worry about temperature control like you would with most live plants. If you have a small outdoor deck, you can get a bright space using plants that will withstand direct sun or all day shade as these are silk and artificial and will work in any space.
The plant I have at my desk above is the Green Senecio plant with pot. At under $35 I have a permanent plant at my workspace that makes me happy. It was shipped very well in 2 boxes and wrapped to stay in place. There was no flaws when I unpacked it and all leaves were intact. Shipping a plant live or artificial can cause damage very easy to the stems or leaves. They did a great job packing the plant.

Save on Silk Plants
Go see all of the selections-it may take you a while as they have a lot! You can transform your room in an instant with the color and ambiance of plants and flowers that will last and look real. You can save 10% off your order by using the code Blogger10 at checkout on any non-custom order at Silk Plants Direct.
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