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Declutter a Room in an Afternoon With These 5 Tips

What did you do this weekend? On Saturday Anthony had 2 basketball games and my nephew had 1 basketball game and I hit all 3. ON Sunday, I woke up, scheduled some blog shares, went shopping, went out to dinner, stopped by our oldest son’s place for a visit and I gutted my office.

You read that right!

I gutted my office in a small amount fo time during a busy day and because when I gut a room with a plan it is almost painless.

For the purpose of this post I am going to use a home office as an example in my tips, but I follow this same system to declutter a room such as with bathrooms, the game room and boys room.

Grab a ‘recycle’ box and trash can

When gutting my office about twice a year, I start by gathering every single loose paper from everywhere in the room- desk drawers, closet, trays, etc. and I toss them in one big pile in the middle of the floor. I bring my recycle bin and trash can nearby within arms reach.

I then sit Indian style, reach over to my phone and connect it to my bluetooth to start my favorite playlist and start sifting. I have trash for trash, recycle for personal info to toss, a pile for keepsakes bins (such as the school stuff and art) and a pile to file for home, business, cars, etc.

Photo Source: Mindspace

Handle the piles!

Once I am through the last paper I take trash right out and call a kid down. Why? I always ask my son if he wants to earn a few bucks and have him sit and shred (cheap labor and he’s old enough to handle a shredder). I grab the keepsakes and drop them in their boxes I have stored which leaves my ‘to file’ pile and I go put them away. Amazing how better it looks just with ‘paper’ gone!

The desk and tabletops

Just like the paper task, grab everything that does not belong on the desk, printer table, shelves, chairs, closet and toss it in a pile in the middle of the floor. You will find you have a ‘kid’ pile (because their stuff ended up in your office), a supplies pile and typically a ‘not sure when to do with this’ pile. The kid and supply pile is easy because they have a spot so go deliver!

The pile of random stuff is for you to make a decision right now! Make it go into a donation bin and get it in your car, create a gift shelf for new stuff you can gift and if you will use it, take it out of the package and find its new home (not on the floor of your office)

Only 2 more steps and you have ‘paper’ and ‘stuff’ gone!

Everything has a spot

Your office has drawers. How many? In my office I have 5 drawers in my desk all sizes, a drawer at my printer table and a drawer at my extra table. That is 7 drawers, so time to name them.

I have a to-do drawer (bills, contacts I need soon, etc), extra supplies for when time to refill, cords/chargers, shipping supplies, small office tools drawer like my label maker and laminator, a printer supply drawer and the last drawer I have as a random drawer like my essential oils for my desk infuser and lighter for my candles. Now deliver stuff to their drawers. This is quick!

Make it pretty

At this point, clutter is gone, everything has a place and is in it and now you have walls, shelves and clean table tops. This is your pallet. Make it pretty, vacuum the floor, burn some oils and wipe down the furniture real quick. A clutter-free office is fantastic, but a clean, fresh smelling clutter-free office is even batter!

Like I said you can use this same method for other room. Instead of paper and supplies, the toy room with have the toy genres or LEGOs and Art supplies. For the bathroom, you have cupboards and drawers to also name and categories like hair supplies, makeup, medication, etc..

My real must-do in all of this is the floor pile! If you gather items up and just make one large pile to bring it center, it is easy to sit and sift. You have 1 pile you can watch shrink and there is an end to it.

Minsdspace has all of your office and home organizing solutions. I use their Inclined File Organizer and each slot has a hold. Right now all of the tax forms that arrive are in the last slot ready to grab on tax date.

You can find file organizers, utensil and supply holders and more at Mindspace giving you peace of mind in your space.

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