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Daydreamer Incline Seat: Give Baby a better sleep!

This is a promotional post for Day Dreamer 

What are your worries as a new Mom? A baby that won’t sleep? Colic? Reflux? Congested nights? Perhaps you are a Mom with a baby who lacks a good sleep because of these conditions. Sleep is not only important for baby, Mom needs the break too! It is in both baby and the families benefit that nap and sleep time happens and is successful.
The greatest gifts we can get as Mom’s (and Dad’s) is sleep! We tend to sleep as our children sleep and sometimes it is just not enough! Daydreamer offers that perfect 28 degree incline that safely allows baby to sleep in their preferred position. It is Doctor endorsed and has passed the many safety tests that are given to baby products. It has the 3-point safety harness strap for legs and waist and baby can take naps as well as night sleep in the daydreamer.
The fabric is plush and so soft. It can be unzipped and taken off to machine wash. The inner shell is a perforated and breathable material with a waterproof seating area.
Daydreamer is sold at Babies R Us/Toys R Us in-store and online. You can choose between green, blue or pink! It makes a great baby shower gift and will hold baby for many months. This mimics that car-seat effect that all babies love to sleep in, but those seats are designed for travel only. With Daydreamer you can put baby anywhere that is more comfortable for you in the house. Want to keep an eye on baby as you work in the office or move baby due to noises in one end of the house? The seat can be placed on a floor anywhere in the home or as you travel.
Keep Daydreamer in mind for holiday gifts or gift-giving year round. You will be giving baby and Mom the most precious gift of all-sleep! 

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own

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