A Day at the Washington State Spring Fair

A Day at the Washington State Spring Fair
Every September we make it a priority to choose a day to head the the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, Wa. It is large and a day full of fun for everyone with a ton of vendor booths, food, games rides and plenty of free entertainment. We have yet to go to the Spring Fair that happens every April and mainly due to weather and the busy spring season. This year we have beautiful weather on the exact weekend of the fair and we took the drive down. It is larger than I expected for the Spring Fair and we had a blast.
The food at the Washington State Fair is so delicious. You have to visit for the fresh scones they make and Elephants Ears and Krusty Pups (corn dogs) are just as popular. We attacked a brick of fries and then I found some Caesar salad at a pizza boot. We even found Big Foot Java where we stopped for coffee before heading home. My son spotted the Dole Whip station and we also had to buy one!



My son loves the animals and there are plenty there to pet and hang out with. There was a wildlife show in the Outdoor living arena, pig races and a petting zoo.
There is also plenty of free entertainment with events at each showplace location. We watched drummers and the pig races were at one of the locations.


My favorite part of the Fair is the vendor booths-there are so many inside and outside. We are house hunting and were really glad to meet the gal at Granite Transformations. We have been taking kitchen and bathroom counters too seriously as we house hunt and to know there is a business that can overlay your choice of granite for a lot cheaper than a slab and installs it and designs your space for you was very exciting to us. We are glad we discovered this! My son loved stopping at the booths that would feature character items such as the Minecraft Creeper hat he liked form this spray booth.



Here are some more Minecraft-inspired booths in the kids hall. We met Boy Scout troops, did some ping Pong sling shots and played with building blocks for a bit.


This was a hit! A man was thoroughly entertaining the kids walking by with gigantic bubbles. My son was jumping and popping these bubbles and came out soaked in wet soap. Just a large group of strangers-all with smiles on their faces over a large bubble. Great times!



When we head to fairs and festivals we always tell our son that if he patiently enjoys the entire fair and has a chance to see all we encounter, he can choose the one item of paid event that stands out most and we will head there before we leave. He looked at booths full of sweets, toys and games. He saw concerts and a demolition derby flyer of the event for that evening in the Grandstands. But, it was the very first booth he saw when we arrived that stuck in his mind throughout the day and he chose the bag of gems to mine for at Carbon River Mining booth. I wish we lived closer because this would be a hit for birthday parties. They are out of Spanaway, Wa. $12 later and he had a bag of gems and a guide to research what they all are.






Throughout the afternoon, we would stop to let the demolition cars drive through on their way to the Grandstands for the derby later on.


If you missed the Washington State Spring Fair this year, make sure you visit the most grand event this fall for the Washington State Fair that will run from September 2-25 (closed on Tuesdays).

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