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Dave Ramsey educates kids on money in a new book series

This is a promotional post. I was sent product

As a Mom to boys ages 7-23, I take teaching them the value of a dollar seriously among other lessons I am responsible to share with my children. I have a 23 year old stepson who is cautious to a point. He has no desire to go order credit cards and store cards everywhere, but does tend to overspend at his age for his passion of cars. It has always been important to discuss money and not be a net for cashflow when he runs himself short. In unfortunate times we have been there for him but if he decides to not budget correctly he is on his own to learn and try to avoid that mistake again. My 17 year old stepson is working his 2nd job and finishing High School with College in the horizon. From his very first paycheck I opened him an account attached to me so I can keep track of his spending and we opened a savings account. He puts 5% of his paycheck in savings and I log in with him to pay bills, give him an estimated gas budget and from there he has a spending total for that pay period to stay within. It works well with our guidance and he is quick to ask questions and make sure he knows where he is at. Our 7 year old son…needs these books!
I received the Junior Adventures Book Set and at the right time for my son. I am a Blogger and I get a lot of product to keep in the mail. He loves watching You Tube shows about unboxings and given that he thinks toys magically appear to him along with expecting everything else he desires to just happen. It has been tough at his age with these factors. He is very impatient and does not want to wait to earn the money. The story in this set, The Super Red Racer, tackles the subject of working for money and being patient as you save. This was my favorite in the set.
Junior Adventures Book Set by Dave Ramsey
  1. The Super Red Racer-working for money & saving
  2. Careless at the Carnival- wasting money
  3. The Big Birthday Surprise-giving back
  4. My Fantastic Field Trip-saving for the unexpected
  5. A Special Thank You- integrity
  6. Battle of the Chores- debt and hazards of borrowing money
This book set is so educational and the perfect way to teach so many lessons in the value of work and good choices. This set makes a great gift for any family!
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