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Custom Notes and Novelty Socks from BoldSOCKS

My son is in the fifth grade and even in winter he is into the sports shorts and high socks style. My kids is that kid in shorts on a 30 degree day and he will wear nothing else but shorts even to bed. Apparently it is ‘cool’ to wear fun socks and as much as they are sports-related the idea of customizing socks is a lot of fun. BoldSOCKS allows you to customize socks for men women and kids.

I customized 2 pairs of BoldSOCKS for Anthony with quotes. He liked the quote ‘Do the right thing even when nobody is looking’ and he also loves the Michael Jordan brand. So that is my inspiration behind the socks I ordered for him.

Not only do they so many great printed socks, customizing is very easy. I just chose a color, size and noted what I wanted them to say. I could upload fun things to print like artwork from the kids that would be fun for my husband or Grandma. I can do any wording like with Anthony’s novelty socks or even have fun with theme images like Fortnite or hobbies for the kids.

Whether you are doing an Easter basket for the kids, grandkids, husband or friends BoldSOCKS are a fun item to include. With Mother’s Day coming soon they are great gifts for Mom and the kids can help customize for her.

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I can think of some awesome things to put on socks. My daughter is almost done with her basketball season. We will have to make some for next year.


These look so fun and cute! I love this idea of customizing the socks with quotes and this site seems interesting 🙂 You are right, for mother’s day, these can be cool gifts from kids <3


These socks are so fun! I don’t know that I could ever wear shorts in the winter but if you have cool socks you gotta show them off right?!


These look so nifty! I love getting socks that have messages on them.

Cindy Gordon

Forget the kids, I LOVE socks like this! lol Well, I may get a pair or two for the kids as well.


These are so awesome! I’ve never thought to put sayings on socks before, but I think it’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa Palma

OMG, I love love love these! I’m already making a list of the people I need to get these for.


Great little review! I don’t have children myself, but will share this post with a few of my friends who do. I am sure they’ll find it very useful x


There’s nothing like finding a good pair of socks! Love these!