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CurrexSole Natural Performance Insoles #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide: currexSole Natural Performance Insoles

If only every shoe created could match everyone’s individual foot completely feeling like the perfect, contoured fit. Not only is one person’s foot different than the next, but everybody has their own different foot from the other. If we can’t custom fit every shoe we buy, perhaps we just insert the perfect insole. That’s what currexSoles spent time creating. The insoles are like a natural fit between your foot and shoe.

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Whether you are a runner, hiker or you work all day on your feet having the right insole can do so much more than offer comfort alone. A good insole will offer support and actually stimulate muscles and nerves via the foot that may actually improve posture and movement.

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I have been using the currexSole RUNPRO insole and I don’t want to wear another shoe without one. I am not a runner, but between working at the High School, PTA events I manage for my son’s school, sports practice and games I am on my feet all day. To feel like I am working for my feet instead of my poor feet working for me all day is such a different feeling than before I used insoles in my show.

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currexSoles RUNPRO Insole features

  • Deep heel cup
  • Triple layers for optimal moisture wicking-fewer blisters
  • 3D DAT for natural foot guidance-
  • Dynamic arch technology made from silver Nylon 6 composite
  • PROPO+ for maximum rebound-special forefoot material
  • Medium rebound PORON cushion-cushion during initial foot contact

The RUNPRO insole comes in 3 different profile heights-low, medium and high. Finding my right profile was as easy as following the profile chart below. I was a C-2 so I was sent medium profile and it is a perfect contour.

currexSole-profile-chart-insoles | Parenting Healthy

Find currexSole RUNPRO Insoles at Amazon and learn more by visiting the brand.

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Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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Lisa Coomer Queen

These look awesome. My husband could really use some. Thank you for the share.