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Curb that Appetite with MealEnders and a Giveaway

This is a promotional post for MealEnders. Opinions are my own.

MealEnders Giveaway
1st Place: 2 bags of MealEnders-flavors of choice
2nd Place: 1 bag of MealEnders-flavor of choice
About MealEnders

MealEnders are flavored lozenges that will help you rid those cravings from your mouth and mind. They are low-calorie, stimulant-free, gluten-free, kosher and contain no herbs, HFCS or drugs. It has a duo-sensory taste which means it both rewards and resets your taste buds. It rewards your taste buds with a sweet outer layer such as chocolate or citrus flavor. It resets your tastebuds by releasing a gentle, cooling tingling sensation that stimulates the trigeminal nerve (the trigeminal nerve contributes to the overall flavor of foods) on the tongue which will get rid of that urge to overeat.
For 20 minutes, your brain is occupied as you dissolve the lozenges. This is the time in which overeating occurs before your food settles and you feel full. Take one after a small meal or even at night when you have cravings, but don’t need to snack.
I love the flavors and tend to grab the mocha myself. The tingling sensation only stays on your tongue. Swallowing saliva with a lozenge does not transfer the sensation down your throat. The flavor choices are Citrus, Mocha, Cinnamon and Chocolate Mint. I love that they are individually wrapped so you can take some anywhere you go-to the campground, to your office or out for any event where you may tend to overeat.

Learn more:

The Giveaway

There will be 2 winners. 1st place wins 2 bags of MealEnders in flavors of choice. 2nd place wins 1 bag in flavor of choice. Enter below. Ends 6/8-open to US. Good luck.
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