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CubeFit Standing Desk

Sample sent from Amazon at discount


My Dad is turning 70 in a few weeks and still works hard. He is an insurance adjuster and half the time he is on the road taking photos of vehicle and property damage and the other half of his job is at the computer entering claims. With his knees and back in poor shape, the sitting gets to him. My Mom had asked if we could locate a standing desk for him so he has some time standing in his work especially when he’s been sitting all day kin the car. It is the least he can do for his body as he still works.  This is his gift for his 70th.


Standing Desk Install

The desk came with picture and written instructions. Assembly was easy and pretty self-explanatory anyhow. It comes with all tools you need. You can adjust heights of both shelves and they tighten down very well. The design includes added support everywhere so there is very little risk of shelves slipping.

Standing Desk Image

You can get yourself working at a more healthy position with your own CubeFit Standing Desk at Amazon

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