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Cube Tracker Keeps Track of Your Valuables

Cube Tracker Keeps Track of Your Valuables

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Cube Tracker

If I were to lose my keys, I also lose keys to our local High School kitchen. If my husband loses his keys, he loses keys to his office and warehouse. We cannot lose track of our keys so why has it taken us so long to use a tracker? I was sent a Cube Tracker and Cube Tracker Pro and as I was setting my Pro up in the app with my keys, my husband asked if he can have one so I gave him the standard Cube Tracker.

I had not even refreshed my memories on the settings before my husband had his linked and marveled over the features. The fact that you can use it in revers-hit the button on the tracker if you lose your phone-is the best feature. The Cube works for about 100 feet and the Pro is about 200 feet. That is great for my keys or valuables in the vicinity-maybe not so much the dogs collars-lol.

Another fun feature is that if anyone in a crowd also had the Cube Tracker and you signal your Cube as lost-their Cubes will help look for your Cube. Genius!

Installation took minutes. It was so quick and I love that you can add a small profile photo so you remember where your Cube is attached-or which Cube is attached to which valuable. With the Cube Pro that has double the range and double the volume being only $5 more I would choose the Cube Tracker Pro for sure! If you want as slim as possible, then the standard Cube is a tad less bulky.

Shopping for The Cube

Available at Amazon and check out The Cube site for all of the features and buying options

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