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Creating a Gluten Free Diet Plan

Recently, I was shown an infographic that helped break down gluten in such a simple way. Did you know that the gluten protein can be found in many store-bought items such as sauces, salad dressings, milkshakes, beer and soups? I always related gluten to wheat and barley.

If you need or want to be on a gluten free diet plan, I really wanted to be able and share what I just read with you. Below is the infographic that may help you understand gluten a bit more and it is from Med Alert Help.

Gluten-Free Life Infographic
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I don’t really know much about gluten free diets, nor did I know it was found in so much!


I knew that gluten was found in MOST foods, but I had NO idea about the beauty products and envelope labels! Years ago, my husband and I did the wheat belly diet and LOVED it. Not quite GF, but it truly was life changing.