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Create a Victorian-Style Christmas Village

Every Thanksgiving weekend I pull out my Christmas decor totes and begin decorating for  Christmas. Anthony, my 9 year old would always like to help and I wanted him to. I quickly realized his ‘help’ was always causing me xtra work so one year I gave him 1 project that remains his very own every year. The Christmas Village. I have been collecting houses and figures and landscape and when decorating day comes the tote his his to set up as he wishes.

Create a Victorian-Style Christmas Village
Photo Source: Pixabay

Christmas villages can be a lot of fun to put together since you will be choosing each and every piece, from the people and shops to the trees and ice skating rinks. You can even turn your village into a shabby chic one that looks like an old-fashioned Victorian village during Christmas.

Use Pink, White, and Light Blue Houses

Many Christmas villages use old-fashioned houses and buildings, but they are often made with red brick woods, yellow shutters on the windows, or other colorful accents. While they make for a beautiful and bright village, they arenít the best options for a truly shabby chic Christmas village. Instead, consider using all white or pastel-colored houses and buildings to match the rest of your shabby chic Christmas decor.

Find Victorian-Style Cottages

The overall style of the houses as well as the color scheme also make them fit more of a shabby chic style. Shabby chic and Victorian styles are often closely matched, so try to find small cottages for your village with an old Victorian look. Things like pointed roofs, bay windows, and brick roofs are good options for this particular style.

Look For People in Old-Fashioned Clothing

The people you choose to place around the Christmas village can also represent your desired shabby chic style. Luckily, the majority of figures that are sold with other Christmas village stuff already have the old-fashioned clothing style you are probably looking for. However, do pay attention to what they are wearing so they fit in well with your shabby chic style. For villages, a combination of young and older adults, elderly, children and babies, and pets are good to have a full community.

Use a Lot of Snow

Having plenty of snow is essential to any type of Christmas village, but especially one meant to have a shabby chic look. Shabby chic has a lot of white in most of its dÈcor, so by adding more snow around your village, you really allow it to have that natural shabby chic look. Add snow on the ground, cover trees and rooftops with it, and sprinkle it around so little bits of snow look to be dropping on the figures and other decorative elements.

Add Bottle Brush Trees

Having some scenery is good for a village so it isnít just people and buildings. Trees are essential, but they are often dark green trees. Bottle brush trees are ideal because while they often come in green, they are very easy to spray paint other colors. Go for a fun look by spray painting them all in a white or silver color, then scattering them around.

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