Create Sequin Art Images with Pixel Art Kit

Remember growing up with the Lite Brite? It was so fun to create with pegs then light up the final project and display. The Pixel Art Kit is very similar and allows you to create your own or templated designs.

There are pegs you insert into the board first. Each peg has 2 different ends. Depending on the end you have sticking your your sequins will flow/move when hung or hang stationary. Next, you simply hook the sequins onto your pegs.

Anthony and I chose to create a Snowman. The template was easy to follow. Some pegs were bent or had smashed ends, but there are plenty extra included so you have enough if you come across a damaged peg.

Hanging the sequins was very simple. Yes. A few fall off as you design, just stick them back on and once you creation is complete and you aren’t knocking or bumping the sequins around they stay hung for display very well.

Buying PixPerfect Pixel Art Kit

The Pixel Art Kit is available at PixPerfect.com. Also available at Amazon

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Lisa Keyworth

WOW! This is great! Thank you. And, we love the snowman creation; it looks so amazing!