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Create Blog photos for social media using Picture Collage Maker for Mac

This is a promotional post for Pearl Mountain

If you are a Blogger or have the need for a photo editing program to make your website, flyers or even family memories customizable there is an option for all Mac users. This easy-to-use Picture Collage Maker for Mac can help you form fun collages, calendars, comic pages, greeting cards and more. If you work in online marketing such as I do as a Blogger, we are always taking, editing and making photo headers and post images. Our primary post image will be the visual for the words we write. This image will be what catches our readers eye on social media sites.
When you create a post image for your Blog, it has to be customized. There are certain standards depending on what channel you share on. I listed some required customizations you need to do for sizing on each social media platform. You can easily do this in Picture Collage Maker on the right side of the template you are using. Choose a template, create the image and size it to FB and label as a FB image for that post and save it. Go back, change it to a Twitter dimension and save it again. You can create the best image for each platform and with sites like FB, the more your posts match what they want the more your reach magically goes where you want it.
  • Facebook Image Guide: Profile image needs to be 180 x 180 and will display as 160 x 160. Cover photo 851 x 315 (min 399 x 150). Shared Image 1200 x 630
  • Twitter Image Guide: Profile photo 400 x 400 and will display at 200 x 200. Header image 1,500 x 500 with max file size 10MB. In-Stream image 440 x 220 (1:2 ratio) 
  • Google + Image Guide: Profile image 250 x 250. Cover image 1080 x 608. Shared image 497 x 373
  • Pinterest Image Guide: Profile image 165 x 165. Pin sizes will appear as 236 on pages and boards. There is no height requirements. Square photos work best, but you can make them taller for recipes or graphic images. Board display photos 222 x 150 
  • Instagram image guidelines: Profile image 110 x 110. Photo thumbnails in profile 161 x 161. Photo size for individual image of post 640 x 640 and will appear at 510 x 510 in feed.
Keeping these sizes in mind as you customize your photos and images will help give the best display for your followers. I used Picture Collage Maker for my Mac by Pearl Mountain to make collages when I need a collage post image. Every item you add such as photos or text can be customized. They have fun templates to choose from if you are not customize savvy with colors and backgrounds. You take your image and can give it any background, size, border, graphic and text you need. You can share directly if you want to give your readers a teaser on social media of what is to come on your blog or email it so you can grab it from your phone and use on Instagram. This is a great way to make those products come to life for your post.

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