Coupons for Good: 4 Tips for Saving Money on Beauty Supplies

Beauty supplies are an important purchase for most women, but the expense of those luxurious lotions and smooth eye liners can add up quickly. Cut back on your spending without sacrificing your look using these smart strategies for beauty shopping.

Watch Annual Sales


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Many big beauty brands have annual or semi-annual sales that feature the lowest prices of the year on top picks. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for these big events, so you can make the most of every beauty buy. Save money on Bath & Body Works products by waiting for their semi-annual sales in January and June. Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sales are around the same time, in June and December or January. Nordstrom has an anniversary sale in July. If you can afford to wait, these are prime times to buy.

Talk to the Sales Staff

You can gather a wealth of information about nearly any retail location by chatting up its employees. Ask about their sales schedules, top markdown days, and best deals. You might learn about a money saving app or coupon site that will help you get lesser-known discounts.

When it comes to beauty products, talking to sales people will also help you identify the most affordable products for your needs. You may find that you can cleanse and moisturize your skin with just one product instead of two, or learn that a more affordable brand has similar ingredients to the high-end face masks you love. Don’t neglect this valuable source of information.

Cash in on Coupons

Many top beauty brands have store coupons that will help you save on regular purchases. Use Sephora coupons for special packages or value-packed collections. Bath and Body Works coupons are available for many different types of purchases, from percentage off deals to BOGO opportunities. Turn to online coupon sites for carefully curated offerings that will help you find the best promo codes and sales at a glance. Remember to check back often on these sites, as deals change frequently.

Shop Online

Many shoppers get into the habit of buying all their beauty products in the store. This gives you the chance to see, smell, and often sample these items. However, you don’t have to buy in-store, even if you’re a sucker for the beauty counter makeovers and trial items. Stop in to a store like Sephora to check out products in person and make a wish list for online purchases.

If you want to skip the retail visit altogether, you can find a wealth of information online that will help you pinpoint the best new beauty products for the season. Online buyers often have access to better deals thanks to the instant ease of comparison shopping and coupon searches. Look up Sephora promo codes and get the same store items online for less.

You don’t have to spend big to look like a million bucks. With careful planning and good shopping strategies, you can minimize your spending on beauty products while stocking up on all the essentials you love.


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