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Coral UV: Ultraviolet C Light Sanitizer and Dryer for Home Use

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. All opinions are 100% my own. There may be affiliate links within this post as well that could result in compensation for Parenting Healthy.

Can you think of some germ-infested items in your home right now that seem impossible to clean? Stuffed animals, dog toys, cell phones and devices, baby bottles, etc.. These items can finally become sterilized and safely with the Coral UV – the Ultraviolet C Light Sanitizer! I’m not kidding…

What is Coral UV?

It is an all in one ultraviolet sanitizer and dryer that uses ultraviolet C lights to kill germs and bacterias fast. How? UV-C lights break down the DNA and RNA structure of germs and destroy their re-production capability, effectively killing 99.9% of germs without the use of water or heat. Then it safely dries your items.

What can you sterilize? Just about anything! This is a dry process that requires no liquid to kill germs. So throw your items that are NOT waterproof inside and let’s get them sanitized! 99% of germs gone…in 10 minutes!

There are 4 functions to choose form: Auto (sanitizes + dries), Sanitize (Sanitizes only in as little as 10 minutes with dual UV lamps), Dry (dries your damp items in 30-60 minutes) and Storage (24 hour sterile storage by re-running UV sanitization every 2 hours).

It is small enough to sit on the counter, does not get hot to the touch and so easy to use. Visit Coral UV and see all of the uses and more about how it works. This makes a great gift for new parents, pet owners and any home with children/teens.

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