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Cooper and the Big Apple- a children’s story about Autism

I received a copy of the story for an honest review.

New Children’s Book Release
Cooper and the Big Apple
Subject: Autism
Written by a Mother and Daughter team, Cooper and the Big Apple is a children’s book that touches on Autism using a cat named Cooper who is reluctant to leave home on a trip to New York. He goes with Jennifer, his best friend and she does a good job keeping him informed of their schedule and helping him make sense of the new sights he is seeing. In the end his confusion turns to amazement as he ends up experiencing some new adventures that he enjoys.

What Cooper in the Big Apple story will explain

  • See the world through the eyes of someone with Autism
  • Teaches autistic children to take part in new experiences and step outside their comfort zones
  • Teaches young autistic children to transition away from literal thinking and embrace colloquial speech and common phrases
  • Portrays how intelligent autism individuals are-that they may be different but are not less]

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