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Cool-jams moisture-wicking fabric pajama set

Cool-jams moisture-wicking fabric pajama set

Fact! You should be sleeping in the temperature range of 60-67 degrees (according to PureCare Blog) for your body to hit that deep REM sleep. Too hot or too cold does not allow the body to rest. That can be hard to do in high temps especially if you only have fans to rely on for home cooling.

Cool-jams lightweight moisture-wicking fabric helps restful sleep by regulating body heat. The fibers in the sleepwear pull heat and moisture to the surface of the fabric where it quickly evaporates and helps to keep the body temperature regulated.

  • moisture-wicking fabric
  • It feels like cotton, is lightweight and silky to the touch
  • natural antibacterial component to keep the sleepwear fresh and odor free
  • perfect for the traveler because it’s compact, wrinkle resistant and quick drying
  • comfortable for either warm or cool climates, summer or winter seasons

Not only does a Cool-jams pajama set offer styles and sizes Small-3X for women but there are men styles too. Prices range from $29 for separates to $129 for a 3 piece set.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching these make great gifts so Mom and Dad can get a better sleep at night any time of the year.

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Angela Saver (@saverang)

I’m checking them out next time I need pajamas.