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Cooking with Pompeian Olive Oil

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I was recently sent a package via Smiley360 form the Pompeian brand of oils, wines and vinegars for review. What else to do, but create a dish! That is exactly what I did. I make Tikka Masala Beef and rice. I had made extra roast the night before and needed a dish for my left overs. Since this was a dish to simmer in sauce, I needed a good quality olive oil. I added the oil to my pan and cooked red peppers for a bit on medium heat. I started with the vegies since the beef I used was pre-cooked. Next I added a bit of minced garlic and the beef cut up. Stirred in some Tikka Masala sauce I bought and let it simmer. I dressed it with some crushed peanuts and parsley. Then used some extra oil, a tad bit of butter and mozzarella on some bread since I forgot to buy dinner rolls and the boys ate it up!

About Pompeian
  • They are America’s first national brand of imported extra virgin olive oils…all the way from Tuscany
  • Blended and bottled in the US
  • Oils and vinegars are derived from multiple regions, not one single location
  • Contains the NAOOA & USDA monitored seals of quality
  • 4 different olive oils, 3 special blend canola oils, healthy grape seed oil, over 10 different vinegars and 4 different cooking wines
  • Find coupons, recipes and a Butter-to-oil conversion chart on their site

If you like to bake then you know how much healthier replacing butter for a healthy oil is and the conversion chart on the Pompeian site makes it easy to know how much oil you can substitute with. Remember the quality and pride as well as the vast regions that are bottled inside the Pompeian brand the next time you stand in the grocer aisle choosing oils, vinegars and cooking wines. Find Pompeian on Facebook!
To learn more and get a coupon for your next Pompeian product, click here!
To fill out a quick survey and be entered in a $200 giveaway, click here!

Disclosure: I was provided the above prize pack for review courtesy of Pompeian and Smiley360. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Olive oil will give your cooking another level, off the topic – maybe you can adjust your templates width or is it just me seeing it too wide that I have to scroll sideways to see sidebars.

  2. I usually buy this brand unless I find a really good deal on another brand. I have started using olive oil pretty much exclusively due to my Dr's recommendation and my blood pressure is completely normal now, getting me off medication 🙂

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