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Control your child’s food consumption with Yum Yum Dishes

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Yum Yum Portion Control Dishes
Food and children! If there is a constant in all the worries we have as a parent, it has to be diet!
One thing I have taught my boys throughout the years is to not eat until full all of the time. Meals are to fill up and snacks is just that-a snack! Kids think that snack time is an “eat until your full time”. It is not and unless you make that clear to them, they WILL overeat! I get so angry when I watch them head into the kitchen for a snack and they grab cereal bowls and cereal-NO! That is a meal, not a snack! Today my boys are pretty good about knowing what they ate and what they should now avoid the rest of the day. I have a 5 year old and 16 year old who both will make comments like “I had pizza for lunch-I need a salad or something now. I feel gross” or “mommy, can I have ice cream for dessert? All I had for snacks today was grapes and yogurt so I can still have a sweet”. I have never forced  my boys to stay at the dinner table until food is gone (I don’t want to give them the mixed signal to eat when they are not hungry). I will, however save the meal and tell them if they get hungry later they can reheat it. I also have always served a dessert after dinner. By doing this, sweets is not much a commodity. They are used to a dessert at the end of the day if they did not eat one earlier and when candy and chocolate is around them, they really can care less. Portion control and watching what they eat is the key! Portions don’t have to be massive, better they get hungry again later and you can serve them a healthy snack once again.
Yum Yum Dishes are now used everyday in my house. I keep the snack bowls right in the snack cupboard! If the boys ask for crackers and chips, I feel confident allowing them to serve themselves so long as they use a YumYum snack bowl. They are the perfect size to satisfy their hunger at snack time.
About Yum Yum Dishes
  • Available in 9 inch plates and 4oz snack bowls with lids
  • Plates are measured on the surface so you know how much carbs vs protein vs vegies to serve
  • Ceramic for easy dishwasher cleaning and safe in the microwave
  • 4oz snack bowls take the overeating of snack foods away.
  • Each bowl and plate have a friendly reminder when empty that “Yum Yum time is over”
To learn more and even find recipes and subscribe for healthy tips of the week, visit
The Giveaway
1 lucky readers will win Yum Yum Dishes of their own! You will get a set of 9inch plates AND a set of 4 oz bowls! ~ARV $46~
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Disclaimer: I was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own

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13 thoughts on “Control your child’s food consumption with Yum Yum Dishes”

  1. I love the idea of having a snack bowl. My daughter is always trying to have more and more snack to where she isn't even hungry when I fix dinner. This would be perfect! Especially because she can read now!!

  2. Love your review Erinn! We also want to thank all your followers for the great comments and so many have signed up for our Yummy Tip of the Week. Happy New Year to everyone!

  3. I LOVE this idea – portion control is something we struggle with throughout our lives. As adults, we have seen a huge improvement in our portion control switching to smaller plates. I would love these for my kids.

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