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Community Coffee American Classic is loved by coffee drinkers everywhere

Comment: I was sent product for feature. All opinions are my own

I just wanted to take a little coffee break with you. It is busy this time of year and sometimes we need to take a moment to celebrate all that is good and reflect on this past year.

So, pour yourself some coffee and give yourself a moment. When you make your coffee, are you thinking about where that can came from?

Is that can has beans from a sustainable farm? What if that can of coffee has been part of a coffee family over 4 generations? Does it taste sweeter? I can tell you that Community Coffee is just as I described. Have a can?

If you do, did you also know that they taste the finished product at their own kitchen table (every Thursday as a matter of fact)? Did you also know that the coffee beans go through a rigorous scoring system for body, balance, flavor and aroma? Think about all of that. From the friends you keep to the coffee you drink, the history and stories make the bond that much sweeter.

Community Coffee celebrates the community they serve by bringing quality coffee such as their new 37oz American Classic™ canister—perfect for entertaining guests or giving you that much-needed java boost during the holiday bustle. Located at retailers nationwide.

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