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Comfortkins help children learn the importance of wearing a mask

Comfortkins help children learn the importance of wearing a mask

We all can use a cuddly, soft gift after a year like we have had. Personally, I love sloths. They are my go-to plush and animal design. Even the Wild Republic plush want to help you help your children learn the importance of wearing a mask. How? Each plush design is also wearing a mask of their own.

These Wild Republic Comfortkins come in fun colored hoodies and masks on animals such as the sloth, teddy bear, red fox, giraffe and black bear. By gifting more than one Comfortkin animal plush your child can change out the masks and hoodies between them.

I have to also mention the new Wild Republic Screen Grabbers. How fun while they are distance learning to have a little push buddy to hang out with? These 5″ plush hang on your computer monitor like my sloth above! They come in designs like my sloth, corgie, cat, dinosaur, unicorn, red panda, otter, panda, bunny and koala. To be honest, my tween stole mine so the sloth hangs out with 7th graders during virtual learning and no longer on my laptop until I order myself another one.

Visit the Wild Republic Comfortkins shopping page to find available Comfortkins, Screen Grabber and the new Pillowkins, 15″ huggable animal pillows.

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Jan Lee

This is a great idea for younger kids to learn about an important topic these days 🙂