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College Prep: Be prepared with the Texas Instrument TI-nspire CX Graphing Calculator

This is  a promotional post for Texas Instrument

If you have a high schooler who is prepping for college, then you know how important it is for them to be prepared and planning ahead of time. There is a timeline for how to accomplish all of of the steps it takes to get your child to the college they desire. Meeting deadlines and scoring well on tests is crucial. Having college study aids and the tools that make preparing for these tests can be the difference in scores for them. Texas Instrument has been one of the most popular brands dedicated to providing graphing calculators and software to take todays technology and pair it with devices that become your child’s tools for success in math and science. The TI-nspire CX graphing calculator and software is designed to get your child through those tough math and science problems as well as being permitted on ACT/SAT and AP testing.
Our son in a junior and just switched out of his biology class to a chemistry class as it is a better science for him as he heads from high school to college for a criminal justice degree in 2 years. His calculus and chemistry classes require him to have a graphing calculator and with college testing coming up, this calculator gives him all he needs to get through the classes and tests. He can take this graphing calculator to his college prep tests and it will be allowed. He will have this color screen, graphing technology to help him and that will be a huge advantage for him.
TI-nspire CX Features
  • For use on PC or Mac
  • Rechargeable
  • Backlit color display
  • Calculator, graphing, spreadsheets, geometry, notes, lists, data & statistics
  • Vernier Data Quest application-hypothesis through graphing
  • Enter values in proper notation
  • Click, scroll, create and save like a computer
  • USB cable included
  • TI CoputerLink software to transfer to and from a computer
  • Ideal for middle school through college

Be prepared with Texas Instrument as you prepare to head to college!
Disclaimer: Parenting Healthy was provided sample for this review.

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