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3 College Dorm Room List Essentials #ShopPurple

Last year we sent our son across the state for his first year of college. It wasn’t until dorm move-in day that I realized the things I overpacked and with time I also realized the things I did not think to pack. Being first time college parents was new and so overwhelming. Year 2 is a breeze. In fact he has taken total control and we are left with not much needed from us. As hectic as the process is of sending them off and settling them in, enjoy every moment because once they are settled their neediness seems to fade fast. Well, except for breaks when they bring home a stinky laundry basket of a much needed chore from you.

I remember being in his dorm and we were so hot on that 12th floor in the heat of summer with an A/C unit still broken. We were discussing where to eat dinner and I needed to freshen up. There was no mirror in his room so I head to the bathroom. “Where are you going, Erinn?” Asks my stepson. “That is a mens restroom for the dorm, the girls would be 1 level up or 1 level down.” I had forgotten they have the floors separated. I had no mirror and I knew I was a hot and sticky mess.


He needed a mirror in his dorm, but he’s a guy and his restroom is 3 steps from his dorm room. I knew that any female student would want a mirror in their room but it can’t take up space and you can’t put nails in the dorm walls. Learn from my story and then head over to the Jet Back to College Dorm Furnishings and Decor to find the standing mirror style your daughter (or son) may like. These don’t leave holes in the wall and push flat for a narrow fit in any corner.


The first 2 weeks were a lot of back and forth by phone making sure he is settling into classes and dorm life. At one point I get a call from him asking for some grocery money in his account. He wanted some cans of soup and protein bars. He said that because his first am class is on the other side of campus and he walks he needs breakfast that he can take and walk with.


He wanted protein bars and in our home we buy Premier Protein so I hopped online and ordered him some to be shipped. Premier Protein bars have no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and are gluten free. Other brands out there may contain artificial ingredients and synthetic nutrients so we really do our homework and choose wisely.


The third essential that comes to mind is electronic chargers. Of course they won’t forget those but are they long enough? Most dorm rooms have a real silly set up and limited plugs so getting one that has a long reach and can charge off their computer or laptop will keep their phones nearby and take up less outlet space. There is a brand at the Jet Back to School page called Fusebox that we have used and it holds up well with its braided cord and 6 foot length.

Send them off with the essentials including these items I mention here that didn’t even total more than $75 all together on Jet. Enjoy this life stage of theirs while you are at it.


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NOT NEW TO JET.COM? You still get all of the benefits and great prices they have to offer. I just got a birthday card from them and it had a promo code for me. Let me remind you of the advantages of shopping J:

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Do you plan on doing some online Back to School shopping this year? I challenge you to head on over and browse Jet! Let me know if you find what you were looking for in a quick comment below! 


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Kelly Reci

Really helpful tips. Those essentials are really useful, especially when renting a dorm.Love the Premiere protein instant healthy snack.