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College Bound: WAFF Binders and Notebooks

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If you are a student or will be sending a student off this fall to College, you may realize just how much technology is involved in their daily school lives. In fact some of the only hand writing they may do the most frequently is math problems and note taking. Now when you head down a notebook aisle you are met with lots of size choices and designs. As a young student, it’s about convenience but also a bit of personality when it comes to the look of their own things from their dorm room decor to supplies they use daily.

WAFF has found such a fun and customizable way for students to add personality to the one book they will surely carry around all year long-their notebook! From notebooks that are small to ones a bit larger you can find styles where they design themselves or just naturally look classy and professional. I have 2 great examples below.

The LeRoyal notebook is on the smaller side with 148 pages of quality lined paper inside and is made with a genuine recycled leather cover. Inside you will also find a cut pocket to store business cards and the cover closes on the 2 tabs that become a part of the front design. Small enough to fit in a medium to large purse or in the front pockets of a backpack.

The WAFF Combo comes in large, medium and mini sizes. It comes with 2 clips to hold the notebook shut and 190 lined pages. There are 50 alphabet cubes and 50 colored blank cubes to give the cover your own design and personality.

Buy It: Visit Amazon to see all of the styles and get your student’s hope chest started today!

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