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College Bound: Organic Teas for stress and fatigue

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You have heard before how tea is a healthier choice over coffee. Not that there is anything terribly wrong with coffee especially if you buy coffee that is made from known sources and with natural coffee beans from safe farms and locations. However,  if you find yourself adding spoonfuls of sugar and sweetened creamers, consider the less calories with the same benefit from tea. You can find teas like Davidson’s that are organic, fair trade certified, non GMO and kosher. Paired beside an average brand of coffee and tea is the better option for your health by far.

Students especially begin to feel an accelerated level of stress and fatigue at times. Combining their new social life away from home with tough classes and larger demands on their time for studies, they need that caffeine and at times need that extra help getting to sleep. Davidson’s Organic Teas has options for their needs to get them through a tough exam week, a challenging project or just an average catch up on sleep.

  • Davidson’s Spearmint Orange Spice Tea: Caffeine-free tea with real honey. The fruity and mint taste with a hint of cinnamon is a great choice if you are not accustomed to drinking tea. So smooth and just the right amount of sweet. Great any time of day.
  • Davidson’s Earl Grey Tea: a bit of lemon with hints of lavender and comes in caffeinated or caffeine-free. The bergamot is a great natural anxiety and tress reliever.
  • Davidson’s Tulsi Ginger Lemon Tea: Caffeine-free tea used as an herbal supplement. Tulsi, or holy basil, is worshiped by South Asians for its anti-stress and immune boosting benefits. There tends to be a bit of a mint aroma and very refreshing. A great way to end a long, stressful day
  • Davidson’s Vanilla Cream Spice Dessert Tea: also known as after-dinner teas, it is the rich, flavorful tea without caffeine or the calories of a dessert. Great for the student to have on hand when craving sweets late at night but don’t want the sugar or caffeine of dessert.
Care packages we send to our children in school are one of the best ways to feel connected and to help them through these years. Including organic teas in the mail to them give them the healthier options they need as they struggle through some of the toughest days.

About Davidson’s Organic Teas

Since 1976, Davidson’s has been blending spices into teas and gifts. Throughout the years, they have maintained their standards of offering quality infusions and a respect for nature. You will not find GMO’s, pesticides or non-permitted ingredients in your cup of Davidson’s Organics tea. Your cup of tea comes from responsible farms around the world such as India, China, Eastern Europe to name a few. This is how they can offer such a great variety of spices and flowers in their teas.

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