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College Bound: After Accepting Your College Choice

This weekend our middle child finally decided on the College he wants to commit to. He has decided on Engineering and so WSU was his best choice. He will be about 6 hours away on the other side of the state on the Idaho border and it will be an adjustment for him, but a great one. He has a friend who is also committing to the same major and the same University and they hope to request a double dorm room together.

This entire College admissions process has been new to us. My husband and I went to Community College and T’s Mom (T is my stepson) never finished High School. University planning is an entire world of its own and thank goodness my Sister and BIL graduated 3 years ago from a private University in this state so I have some advice nearby. WSU is such a great atmosphere for a student in a town that is so conducive to them.

In past posts I talked about the starting process once your child decides to be College bound and you can revisit those here:

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Get social and set up student accounts

So what comes next after you commit to a College? A lot! I’ll break as best as I can between now and August. First, make sure you take the time to read all emails sent to you. It is within those that you will be guided to your schools social sites and channels. You should have begun a student profile with access to the student site after you applied and if you never set it up you want to now. For WSU it is called My WSU and in there I can view the progress of financial award letter for next year, any fees coming up or due and can take the time to set all up that we will want before things get too busy and we forget.

Within your student accounts (and all colleges will be a tad different) make sure you keep your log in info accessible and set up third party access. If you are reading this as a student, you want to give someone such as a parent access to your page. We can go here to see your grades and progress as well as any notes for us from financial aid or accounting. You can do this by setting up third party access or profile and make sure you add your parent or a guardians email addresses and give them the log in user and password as well. Make sure you head into the financial section and that you give your school permission, if it is an option inside your account, to allow them to automatically apply all financial aid awards, scholarships that arrive and work study dollars to any balances. To not grant the University this permission may result in mailing of checks and delaying money payments or worse-your child cashing those checks and spending them as opposed to applying to their tuition. Ask admissions or check emails for student FB groups to join or forums. Last, of course make sure all emergency contacts are entered because you would hate to forget to do that and in the event of an emergency, you will be promptly notified if you have this set up.

Apply for housing-ASAP

Most University’s may require dorm living for first year students. Dorms are a first come, first serve basis. This is why it is important to join any student FB groups or forums as in there you can ask for recommendations on your needs. You can look up basic info such as co-ed or same sex dorm living, whether it is a primarily first year student dorm or perhaps you’ll find those dorms for ages 20+ and you can’t apply to those. Visiting the College is your best way to narrow down dorm choices, but if you can’t get there don’t be afraid to jump on some forums and ask other students. They will reply. Our son and I did a bit of research and found a dorm that is mostly first year students IN Engineering. How appropriate is that? I think that may be our first choice and we can narrow the rest based on price and other social factors as well as location within campus

Placement tests and Orientations

Most Universities will have a mandatory orientation over the summer that typically requires a 2-3 night stay. They will typically house and feed your child, but dates tend to be first come, first serve and with it being summer and vacations planned you need to nab your slot now and pay the fees.

Make sure you also view your school’s What’s Next section or similar where they keep checklists for you. In there you may find links to placement math or writing tests for class positions that need to be done by a deadline and also may find health/immunization forms that have a deadline for sending in.

College Bound Chest

This is a sort of Hope Chest for your students. By now you may have paid a few hundred dollars when you confirmed as a fee, there is a few hundred dollars perhaps on your orientation and freshman activities fee and you also probably just laid down a large chunk deposit when applying for your dorm choices. The money comes at you fast and deadlines are always so near. Don’t wait until the last minute to have to shop and stock your child’s dorm. I have a box at the foot of T’s bed and I am always sticking things in there as I shop clearance aisles or replace things in my home he can use. Make it easier on your budget and start finding things now!

If you are looking for reviews on relevant products for Dorm Life or College Bound students, please contact us at erinnsluka@gmail. I am happy to feature your brand

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