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Coconut Oil and Tortilla Chips have finally met at Jackson’s Honest

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If I told you that these tortilla chips were so delicious that you don’t even need salsa or a dip to enjoy them, would you believe me? Who says plain tortilla chips are delicious? Good maybe, but never have I given the title of delicious to undressed tortilla chips until I tried these Organic Coconut Oil Tortilla Chips from Jackson’s Honest. Tortilla chips and coconut oil have finally met and are a perfect blend thanks to Jackson’s Honest. My husband opened the first bag of Salsalito and was in heaven, he made us all take some right then and there and try them and the youngest and I joined my husband in flavor heaven. I am not kidding-I wish I could give you a taste through the internet, but you will have to locate a bag and try them for yourself!
Jackson’s Honest has the original and only coconut-oil potato chip and these tortilla flavors are the newest addition to the brand. They come in yellow corn, blue corn and Salsalito. The chips are 100% organic, vegan, paleo-friendly and gluten free.
The coconut oil tortilla chips are cooked low and slow to bring a quality-tasting non-GMO chip. You can locate these at most Whole Foods, Co-Ops and Health Food grocers near you.
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