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Closet Ideas – Organizing Your Linen Closet in 5 Steps

Product featured in this post was sent to me. Opinions and story is my own

Closet Ideas - Organizing Your Linen Closet in 5 Steps

We will be moving about 50 miles away this summer. Instead of waiting until the last few weeks to start packing I am taking sections of my house every week and reorganizing, updating and separating the stuff that will stay from what needs to go so that I am not trying to do that as I pack or unpack. Closet ideas like this one is sure to make the move easier.

Closet Ideas – Organizing Your Linen Closet in 5 Steps

closet b

Step 1: Take everything out of the closet-everything! Across from my closet is our master bedroom so I put it all on our bed in sections. By that I mean I had a pile of sheets, pile of blankets, pile of towels and pile of overstock toiletries that are all kept in the upstairs hall linen closet.

Step 2: Fold it all and sort into sets. Gather your sheets (I had to refold many from kids just shoving them in the closet). Then I made sheet sets with twin and queen sizes. I gathered 4 complete queen sets, 1 twin set and some unmatched sheets, pillow cases. I sorted towels by like colors. Folded all blankets and actually found a new home for them in a large basket downstairs so that gave me more room.

Hotel Collection

Step 3: If it is tattered or unmatched set aside to donate or gather for future garage sale like I am doing. I chose 1 extra sheet set for each bed in the home (besides the ones on the bed already) and donated the rest. I gathered my newest towels like the sets I got of the Hotel Collection Towels. The older towels or ones with odd colors went away.

I mention the Hotel Collection Towels because I first came across them in a holiday sale and love how soft they stay after many washes so when I was approached to work with them I was sent more as you see in this post. They are at Macy’s stores and go on sale often. I just love the luxury-like look and feel. They are super-absorbent Annur cotton finished with a clean woven pattern at the hem. Get new towels if it has been a while and donate the old! I update my towels twice a year and with Hotel Collection towels I can get away with less often then that.

New towels

Step 4: Now you can stack them in the closet again with less clutter. Turn towels so the fold side is facing you-it looks so much neater that way. With any extra space (I had extra because I moved the blankets out of this closet for good) you can become more organized with other items you store like extra toiletries.

towel closet a

Step 5: This is the most important step! Stand in front of that beautiful closet of fresh new towels, extra space and admire it for a good 2-3 minutes or until you find that motivation to tackle the next closet.

To learn more about the Hotel Collection towels I featured, visit the Macy’s collection.

What closet ideas do you have for spring cleaning?

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