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CLIC Leash for Dogs – Functional Pet Products

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I have partnered with High5Dogs and product was sent for #HolidayGiftGuide feature

CLIC Leash for Dogs - Functional Pet Products

I am excited to share High5Dogs with you in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. I love finding unique and functional gifts for the dog lovers on my list and High5Dogs is all about function and style. These leashes are modern, some leather and the CLIC feature makes walking and keeping your dog in place as easy as a one-handed click.

At High5Dogs their leashes offer tethering and hands-free walking of the dog. The Metropolitan Collection of leashes feature a semi-slip collar feature so you can lasso and walk with ease. These would be great for the dogs overly excited for that walk and hardly have the patience to wait for the harness to be put on. It is a collar and leash in one.

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CLIC leash

CLIC Leash for Dogs

The new Leisure Collection are shoulder and leader leashes and can be used with the harnesses. With the Introduction of the CLIC mechanism, High5dogs is the first to incorporate an innovative system to the traditional leash so one can tether a dog in a single motion with only one hand. The shoulder leashes are long enough so it tethers to you and you can walk hands free.

leather leash

I love the modern look of these leashed and they come very well packaged for gifting. They are excellent gifts for any dog owner.

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