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Cleaning Up with Mrs. Meyers

I was sent samples for feature

With spring and summer comes the dirt of gardening and outside play. It’s soil in the fingernails, grass stains in the kids clothes, BBQ sauce stains on the grilling tools and all the mess that comes with summer fun. Mrs. Meyers is here to help with products safe enough to use in your home and on your body.
I love using Mrs. Meyers in my home because the scents are so great. After a few hours of cleaning or a load of laundry using the dryer sheets the house smells so good. Who would of thought Basil dryer sheets would be so fragrant? Combine the Mrs. Meyers dish soap with the same scented hand soap in your kitchen and enjoy the clean kitchen and it’s scents.


Over the holidays I fell in love with the Cranberry scent Mrs. Meyers had. The fruity yet clean smell radiates in my kitchen. Mrs. Meyers products are for your home, laundry, hand and body and even gift sets.
My laundry products are in the Basil scent and it is not at all what I expected. I expected a herby or musky scent so I wasn’t sure I would be a fan and it turns out that not only is it such a refreshing scent, it is now my favorite. Basil is known for it’s ability to wake up the senses and this does!

The best part is that when you are ready to get those hands, dishes or clothes clean you can be confident that you are using safe ingredients. The ingredients are not just safe for your family, but also for the environment. They are made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. The garden-fresh scents are ready to offer the aromas to lift your senses and we need all the lifting we can get when we are doing our dreaded chores.

The next time you are in a retail store, find the Mrs. Meyers products and find your favorite scent. Be prepared to become mesmerized and perhaps get some funny looks when you can’t take the bottle away from under your nose. It is that good.

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