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Cleaner air for healthier lifestyle with Blueair

This is a product promotion for Blueair

I have a 6 year old son who was blessed with a combination of my husband and my genes of allergies and sinus issues! My son is the one a few times a year who has thick green discharge from his nose with us reassuring anyone around he is not contagious-it is just his allergies. His teachers know and his Doctors know that unless things get real bad, we don’t treat with antibiotics for every sinus flareup or the poor kid would be on antibiotics several times a year and that has its own set of troubles. We use saline, allergy maintenance such as daily preventative medications and that is about all we can do. I can’t relocate to a different atmosphere, but perhaps I can better the one around him! With brands like Blueair who know how important having cleaner air is for general health as well as for my son suffering from all of the pollutants he is exposed to, I can maintain a better quality of air my son breathes in when at home. I have a unit in his bedroom that runs every night for him.
If we take away all of the unnatural elements that fill the air around us- emissions, smog and other pollutants, we are left with natural air. The air we are meant to breathe. Air that is pure, unaltered and that brings us a natural energy and rejuvenation when we breathe it in. Blueair wanted to create this environment and knows it takes a highly efficient and high quality product that can remove particles without the loud noise or creating an energy-sucking machine. Blueair’s focus is on design and efficiency and if you are a regular reader of my Blog, nothing excites me more than an energy-efficient and earth-friendly product.
How Blueair Sense Air Purifier Works

Blueair uses HEPASilent technology with electrostatic and mechanical filtration to capture 99.7% of airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size. It uses a combination of advanced filter media and an encapsulated particle charging chamber. The filters are interwoven by millions of ultra-thin fibers of different sizes to allow Blueair to capture particles at different stages. The larger particles are captured by the early layers and the smaller particles are caught in the later layers within the filter design. 
Not only does the design allow for optimum airflow, you have no buttons or switches. Simply wave your hand over the lit display on the tempered glass top to change fan speeds and power on and off.
Blueair is environmentally friendly

Every component of the Blueair purifiers are built to not only be healthy for humans, but also the environment. The filters are non-toxic and the exterior is made with easy-to-recycle materials. The filters and purifiers are made with galvanized steel and polypropylene so that it can naturally break down. There are no petroleum-based plastics used. The steel housing releases no toxins and it is powder-coated to eliminate gas emission should it one day sit in a landfill. The fan assembly requires little power-5-20 watts for low settings and 10-120 watts on high settings only! 
A red indicator comes on at the top when it is time to replace your filter. This is truly the most silent purifier I have ever experienced. 
Learn more including how to chose the right unit for you and about joining the filter club:
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided product. All opinions are 100% my own
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