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A Clean Home & Baby Using Just Water

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Being parents we know that our babies and toddlers are everywhere so we strive for a clean home and baby everyday. They get into spaces we never thought to clean or protect. Not to mention most cleaners we use don’t contain the safest ingredients. When it comes to washing baby after a bath or meal the cloths and towels can be so abrasive on their sensitive skin. So now I have been introduced to a brilliant baby care brand called e-cloth. It’s a simple name for a safe and simple clean home and baby.

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e-cloth has products for your baby and toddler’s hands, faces and toys as well as for your windows, mirrors, floors, strollers and car seats. All of the places and places those little hands and bodies touch throughout the day. The science? It’s all in the fiber composition, size and processing.

e-cloth’s fiber is made from the highest quality of raw materials in the world. It brings maximum cleaning and drying power from fibers that are 1000 times finer than cotton-the smallest in the world and made by man. In processing, the fibers are split into 8 partisan combine with split up polyamide fibers for a super fine material. How does it clean? Standard cloths push dirt around. e-cloths are so fine and attract dirt and dust it cuts dirt, lifts it and locks it in. It is water that that activates the negatively charged fibers because water and oils are positively charged. It creates a magnet effect-remember science class?


In recent studies done by British Scientists on women and children, it was determined that children born to parents who frequently used standard cleaning supplies while pregnant had a higher risk of persistent wheezing and reduced lung function-Environmental Working Group

e-cloth has many products and I am using a few of them in my home:

  • Chemical-free Cleaning Home Starter Set-3Piece: Bathroom cloth, glass and polishing cloth and general purpose cloth. Pair with the water atomizer bottle for a safe and real clean.
  • Chemical-free and Reusable Hand & Face Cleaning Kit-13 piece: It is your on-the-go clean. Comes with a carry pouch, water bottle, 10 reusable cloth wipes and laundry bag. Will clean those messy hands, feces and spaces wherever you go. Comes in 3 patterns
  • Chemical-free Cleaning Deep Clean Mop: it has an extendable handle and deep clean mop head and gets into the corners and hard to reach spaces to pick up dirt.

IMG_8353 IMG_8364

There are many other products that range in an affordable price of $4.99-$49.99. Visit to see all of the available products and get a safer and cleaner home and baby at last.

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Elizabeth O.

This is definitely perfect for expecting parents. It’s all about staying away from chemicals as much as we can, since babies can be sensitive even to the smell. Sounds like these are very reliable!

Nikki Wayne

This is so true. I hate to use chemical bonded materials, water is the cheapest and safest.


This is a great idea. So often we use products when simple water will get the job done.

Nathalie Porbes

What a cool idea, I think I need this in our house.

Karlaroundtheworld | Karla

Wow, those are some nice cleaning essentials that I’d like to have at home. e-cloth sure does it right!