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Clean First for the Best Finish with Puracyn Plus and Enter to Win

This is a sponsored post via TapInfluence. Opinions are my own.

We have all heard of the spring cleaning season. The weather warms up, the Holidays are long over and we start to get the yard and garage ready for summer entertaining so we deep clean! I don’t do a spring cleaning in my home. This is because I tackle parts of my house every month or two and I hate clutter so my house does not get too out of hand. I am one who cannot cook until the kitchen is clean first and I deep clean before vacation so I come home to a clean house. I also clean my laundry room while starting loads and everyday my bed is made and room picked up so I go to bed in a clean room. I cannot function or relax around clutter. 
We moved into our house 2 years ago and we have a lot of random closets. The one above is an extra closet in our bedroom over the stairs. It has holiday decor and our extra pillows and luggage and gift wrap. Last week I could not walk into it. It has always been a habit of mine to clean and organize my closets in the summer. This is because they take a hit over the holidays with decor coming out and wrapping and gifts being stored. I can find what I need to by the time the Holidays hit if I reorganize first. Why am I telling you this? Because just as you would use Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care Wound & Skin Cleanser at first sign of a cut or bite and burn to bring the best healing, so would reorganizing or deep cleaning your home to clean first for the best results later on!
Why use Puracyn® Plus first?

At the first sign of a cut or minor wound, we first think ‘clean’. We run to the faucet to wet a gauze or towel and clean. Then we use our fingers to apply ointments and cover the wound. Well, there is a new and safer way to clean the wound to allow for optimal healing. Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care Wound & Skin cleanser will clean the wound on its own-no need to find saline or running water or a gauze. It also comes in a spray so no need to touch the wound. It is safe for everyone in the family and can even be used around the mouth and eyes. 
This cleanser cleans and hydrates the wound with its pH balanced, hypochlorous solution to prepare the wound bed for a clean and healthy healing start! You can find it at Rite Aid and Walgreens in the 4 oz spray size. Keep one in the camping tote, car, gym bag and at home. Get a minor cut or wound and you can spray and move on!
What about foot healing?

Puracyn® knows how slow foot wounds are to heal so they offer the new Puracyn® Plus Foot Wash & Skin Cleanser. The advanced solution is non-irritating, non-toxic, steroid free and won’t stick to bandages. It is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association with a Seal of Approval. It is safe and effective on wounds, blisters, dry & cracked feet and rashes. Are you diabetic? Daily use can be the relief you have been waiting for. 
Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care Wound and Skin Cleanser…so she can get back into the game! Watch the new Puracyn Plus 2015 National TV Commercial here.

Save $3 on your next purchase of Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care Wound & Skin Cleanser and Puracyn® Plus Foot Wash & Skin Cleanser! Available in the first aid section at your local Rite Aid and Walgreens
Want to win?

Right now you can enter the Puracyn® Plus Clean Start Giveaway on the Puracyn® Plus Facebook page. One random winner will get a Puracyn® Plus product and a $250 Gifts card to their choice of retailers (choices are Home Depot, California Closets, Pier 1 Imports or Staples). This will allow the winner to get a clean start on a project for the best finish.

For more clean start tips for the best finish, visit Puracyn Plus on the web at and LIKE the brand on Facebook.
This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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