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Cindy Karen’s Apparel for Travelers and Fashionistas

Cindy Karen's Apparel for Travelers and Fashionistas

I remember when turtlenecks were in as a teenager. That was many moons ago and I have never had one in my closet since. However, lately I notice that they are a comeback and the designs are fantastic. My favorite turtlenecks are one that are not too heavy so I can pair with a sweater or jacket and not get too warm. I don’t want to only wear my turtleneck in winter. Cindy Karen’s Seattle Soft and Sultry, Lean Cut Turtleneck will look great in anyone’s closet year round.

Seattle Sultry

This turtleneck is so comfortable and light eight too. It is lean enough that you can layer in any way you need. This makes it great for spring, fall or winter.

The neck is soft and hangs with little to no annoyance and is not constricting. Yet, it still looks great with a necklace hanging over the shirt. This turtleneck is made of 94% micro modal, 6% lycra. It is also made here in the USA.

You can machine wash in cold water and tumble dry low. I have already washed mine and had no shrinkage. I do remove it ASAP from the dryer and that keeps it less wrinkled. This turtleneck is available in nude (like mine), white and black. Then you can also choose from long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or sleeveless for ultimate layering possibilities.

You will love the way it feels and is true to size. This makes a great addition to your wardrobe for the Holidays and into the start if 2020. Visit Cindy Karen to find more apparel for travelers and fashionistas and accessories too. Weather should never limit your fashion wherever you roam.

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