Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Original Soupman’s Seasonal Favorites

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OK! I know it is warming up, but what is truly better then taking a cool evening and heating up some soup and bread and having an early pajama night? Have you ever done that? My husband travels a lot for work so on nights he is gone I tend to make simple dinners when it is just Anthony and I. I will cook a dinner like soup in a bread bowl and we get into our pajamas and start a 7pm movie in my bedroom then he always steals my husbands side of the bed to sleep. It’s such a fun activity even at almost 10 years old for him and even on a school night.

Soup is comfort food any time of the year and with Cinco de Mayo approaching I wanted to remind you of that. You can celebrate with Original Soupman seasonal favorites.

Cinco de Mayo is considered the top day around the globe to celebrate Mexico and its rich history. The Original Soupman wants you to go beyond the Margarita – and enjoy the rich, authentic taste of their South-of-the-border Chicken Gumbo. Every bite of this Mexican inspired soup brims with tender Chunks of plump chicken breasts, tomatoes, okra, bell peppers, carrots, collard greens and celery simmered together with garlic, butter, authentic secret spices and just the right amount of chili peppers. No matter your own roots, one bowl of Chicken Gumbo and you’ll be dancing around your sombrero, ready to celebrate this festive day like a true Amigo!

Words from Joseph Hagan, President of The Original Soupman

“It wouldn’t be Cinco de Mayo without a great bowl of our Chicken Gumbo,” says Joseph Hagan, President of The Original Soupman.  “Maybe you can’t fill your sombrero with our delicious hot soup, but you can enjoy it in a bowl right at home wherever you live. We love our fans, and since our mantra is “Soup for All”, we have online ordering so everyone in the U.S. can enjoy a steaming hot bowl of our Chicken Gumbo Soup   – or any of our flavors.”

The Original Soupman brand became famous when the “Soupman” yelled, “No Soup for You” on the iconic television series Seinfeld, at the counter of the store ladling soup on any given day.  Today the brand stands for “Soupman — Soup For All.”

The Original Soupman® soups are now available online and at  For a store tracker or to order go to


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