How Your Christian Faith Could Help You Thrive as a Well-Balanced Parent

How Your Christian Faith Could Help You Thrive as a Well-Balanced Parent

How Your Christian Faith Could Help You Thrive as a Well-Balanced Parent
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If there’s one certainty about parenting, it’s that circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. That reality means that you often have to work hard to stay levelheaded despite the chaos. Fortunately though, if you’re a Christian, there are many principles and practices of your faith that translate into more sanity while raising kids.

Get Kids in the Habit of Studying the Bible Daily

Whenever you travel, have someone new over to the house, or get a new babysitter, it becomes especially clear that kids love routines and tend to become cranky without the consistency they offer. The Bible teaches that as parents, we should train our kids to uphold the morals and beliefs that we want them to depend on for the rest of their lives.

One way you can do that is by teaching the Bible to your children during daily study sessions. Taking that approach gets your kids used to applying the things they learn to their lives. As you explain famous stories and parables to them, your youngsters may even realize they relate to well-known characters.

Adhering to a daily Bible study schedule gets kids accustomed to scriptural teachings. It also encourages them to use what they’ve learned when deciding how to behave when they’re around classmates, friends, and relatives. Even better, as you’ve already been reminded, routines of all kinds tend to keep kids more stable, which could mean you’re less stressed as a parent.

Expand Your Circle of Friends

Does it feel like all you do is change diapers, make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without crusts, and soothe your kids when they fall and scrape their knees? Those are all typical duties involved with parenthood.

But, if they consume your life, it can also seem like your social life is totally dried up. As a result, you may start to resent your responsibilities and feel jealous when reading social media posts about how your friends went to the new Italian restaurant in town (without their kids) or watched the latest action-adventure blockbuster at the cinema.

One great thing about being a Christian parent is that it’s easy to find common ground with people you don’t know well, such as other people in your congregation who also have children. Even if you disagree with some aspects of the faith, there are undoubtedly some shared beliefs that can serve as jumping-off points for further discussions.

If you’re strong in your faith and feel confident about bringing it up with other people who have not been Christians for such a long period, you could also serve as a disciple and help new people of the faith build a broader belief system and strengthen what’s already there.

Churches often have childcare facilities, too. Imagine how refreshing it could be to sit in a pew during a service and notice there are lots of other adults around you, but no kids.

In this scenario, you can take a breather from some of the most pressing demands of being a parent and rest assured your children are in good hands. At the end of the gathering, you’re in a great position to strike up a conversation with someone and potentially plan a coffee date or other outing, all without dealing with your anxious toddler tugging at your shirt and asking to go to the bathroom.

Deal With Doubts in a Constructive Way

Being a parent often makes doubts pop into your head without warning. Did you make the wrong decision about letting your daughter go to school even though she sounded stuffy while eating breakfast? Did you reprimand your son in the right way when he came home with a bad grade on a pop quiz?

Those kinds of uncertainties are common, and they can also crop up about things related to the Bible. Resources from a Christian organization called The Way International include useful, topical presentations, including one that helps you remember that the Bible is a worthy, God-inspired guide for your life.

When you become more steadfast about what the Bible says and why you should trust it, you’ll find it easier to trust your decisions, too. By now, you’ve accumulated some experience as a parent and probably didn’t only give birth yesterday. Regardless of the specifics, every minute of parenthood is a learning experience. You won’t always make the right choices, but as time passes, you’ll enjoy a growing confidence that you know how to take wise actions most of the time. And, when you don’t, other parents can weigh in with input.

Being a parent is not easy, but when you use these suggestions and make your faith and parenting combine, you’ll be more likely to adopt a mindset that helps you stay calm under pressure. Even if everything you do seems to fail, remember God is on your side and works everything together for good in your life.

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