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Chill Factor Tutti Fruity Slushy Maker

I was sent sample for feature

We have a new cool (pardon the pun) freezer cup in our home that my son has used everyday since it arrived! Finally he can have a slushy and it is so easy that at 7 he can make it, rinse out the cup and get it back in the freezer for next use. This new slushy cup is called the Chill Factor™ Tutti Fruity Slushy Maker.
Freeze the cup 4-6 hours at first. After first use, just clean as directed and store the cup in the freezer without the lid.

Add any juice or beverage. Screw on lid.

Squeeze a few times.  We squeeze up and down cup-wait a second-repeat. Do that 2-3 times and you’ll quickly see slush!

Use the included spoon straw and enjoy!

I have tried many slushy and ice cream makers and this was the most effective and quickest slushy maker we have owned. My son enjoys a slushy almost every night and can make it on his own. 
Visit to learn more and see all of the colors!

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