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#ChildrensMucinex to the Rescue this cold season & a Coupon

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I was recently sent a package from Mucinex to review the Children’s Mucinex Mutli-Symptom Cold. I live in the Pacific NW and our falls and winters have spontaneous climate changes which can really mess with you. I just got over a cold that lasted over 14 days myself. The worst part of the cold for me is the mucus congestion with the cough. You all know what I am talking about-lay down to sleep and that post-nasal drip causes you to cough all night. Now you are up coughing-not getting the sleep you need. I was given a codeine product so I can sleep with my stubborn cough and I ended up wide awake for well into the middle of the night! That didn’t work for me. I can imagine as a child that it has to be so frustrating when you all of a sudden can’t breath and have that constant runny nose that grosses their friends out. 
My son has allergies and when he gets a cold, it can give him real sinus issues and that nose will run for weeks causing that night cough. Although I am not excited for the cold season to start, I am excited that I have Children’s Mucinex ready for him and one that covers all symptoms! He is so picky on taste so I gave him a small taste test so I am not stuck at the cold time with a product I have to fight him to take. Taste test was very positive! It passed Anthony’s test!
About Mucinex: Multi Symptom Cold
  • Treats stuffy nose, cough, congestion, mucus control
  • Comes with a dosing cup
  • For children 4-12
  • Fast acting to break up mucus

To learn more, visit Mucinex Fact & Dosing Guide & always consult a Physician with any questions you have if you are unsure this product is meant for your child
You can also find Mucinex on Facebook.
A savings for my readers
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Disclaimer: I was provided Mucinex for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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