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Children’s Movie Making Props in a Bag Toys


When my 8 year old son was younger he had a blue cape and a Thor hammer that went everywhere with him. It didn’t matter where we went he would almost never leave home without those 2. My sister got married in 2013 and even let him carry that tattered hammer as ring bearer because especially with his nerves of the ceremony he refused to part with it. In a formal tux, he carried that hammer proudly because it was his comfort. Even the photographer caught him in some hammer moments resulting in adorable photos.


He has always had the wildest imagination and I let him carry those around despite the stares it brought to have a blue-caped store wandering our local grocer. I knew the phase would most likely end soon and I savored that innocence. Now he loves to write, is a huge R.L. Stone fan and comes up with the wildest stories in his writing book. Having the tools to foster creativity is such an encouragement as they age out of the younger child years.

Toys in a bag

Props in a Bag toys are just for kids like my son who love to create stories with costumes for a realistic play. Props in a Bag from Theatric Toys gives them the tools to make their stories come to life. When you download the app you can bring their stories to life. The app will add special effects to their story and props and helps create memories to keep. You can then share the creations with loved ones on social media.

toys and props

It is so adorable-it even allows you to insert titles, a cast and music such as their favorite tunes. Props in a Bag has been featured on ellen, the Today show, The Talk, and more. With 8 themes they are gaining attention from so many parents.

  • The Dinosaur & the Pirate has 10 pieces for a trip to the dinosaur days complete with volcanos, pirate supplies for a hearty tale.
  • The Princess and the Chef has 14 pieces so the Chef in any land or castle can create lavish meals
  • The Fisherman & the Astronaut has 15 pieces from a pole and bait bucket to a jet pack and green alien for a tale on sea or sky.
  • The Doctor & The Farmer has 14 pieces from vegetables to a stethoscope for a story to keep those farm animals and Farmer’s healthy and pain free
  • The Camper is a lot of fun and has 6 pieces to create fun summer tales
  • The Magician pulls out all the tricks with 6 pieces from  magic wand to a cape.
  • The Superhero would have been for my son years ago. It has 6 pieces to allow for a story full of heroes and villains.
  • The Construction Worker: gets the job done with 6 pieces to build anything.

Can you imagine the stories and memories these will bring? Visit to get started creating such memories and movies because they won’t be this young forever.

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