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Children’s ebook about bullying: Griffin the Dragon & How to Tame a Bully

I was provided a email sample of the story. No other compensation was given.

As parents we hope our child is not “that” child when we drop them to school or with friends. The key to a respectful child is the lessons they hear and the encouragement they get at home. We need tools to guide us into providing the encouragement they need and books are a great way! The younger we teach our children, the better the outcome later on.
Griffin the Dragon: How to Tame a Bully is written by Ken Mask, MD. It is the third in a series of Griffin the Dragon books. In this book, a group of friends have some fun as they play fight and poke around with each other. A bully sees this and interrupts wanting a real fight. Griffin uses his powers, which he knows will get him in trouble, to stand up to the bully. Griffin’s father grounds him for using the powers he is not allowed to use on others. When the gang returns to play with Griffin after his grounding, they find a new friend at his home. The Bully! That’s right-seems that when you stand up to a bully, the respect you get has great rewards.
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