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Children’s Book: The Pandas and their Chopsticks: And Other Animal Stories by Demi

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Tales with messages!
Demi brings these beautifully illustrated stories with messages if you listen carefully! They play on Asian folktales where your child will learn some valuable lessons. My son loved the story of the Pandas and their chopsticks. We were recently teaching him to eat with chopsticks when we read the story so it was relative to him at the time.
The Stories & their Lessons
The Pandas and their Chopsticks: Generosity
The Cat who Prayed: Trust
The Fox who was King of the Forest: Wisdom
The Hedgehog Thinks Twice: Hastiness
The Helpful Hummingbird: Team work
The Turtle Who Couldn’t Stop Talking: Pride
The Frog Who Counted Two Stars form the Bottom of his Well: Ignorance
The Kite on a String: Bragging
The Owl’s Hoot: Behavior
The River Discovers the Ocean: Humbleness
These are short stories and the video below shows how fun the illustrations are.

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