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Children’s Book Takes You Into the Alaska Wilderness – Three Paws’ New Family

Alaska Wilderness - Three Paws’ New Family

Boots is the lovable three-pawed Bear roaming the Alaska Wilderness and he is back I this second book from Author, Karen Struck. The illustrations are so fun and you will feel like you are right ion the wilderness as you turn the pages.

In Three Paws’ New Family, Boots befriends a black bear named Sockeye and her Mexican brother, Pepe, the iguana. Sockeye has lost her mother and is not old enough to live on her own. Her prayers are answered when she meets little Pepe, who escaped his human family’s home in Ketchikan to explore the beautiful Alaskan wilderness but lost his way back home. A lonely bear cub and a lost iguana become a “family” relying on each other for companionship, friendship, and survival skills.

Karen Struck wanted to not only offer this story for your at-home reading, but also created a Spotify Playlist to dance to! Check it our here!

Find this book, Three Paws’ New Family and Karen’s first book, Three Paws, on Amazon.

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