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Children’s Book Series – Sally Loves…. – Sports and Confidence

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Children's Books

Sally Loves….
by Jody Mackey
Sally Loves…. is such a great book series that portrays several messages for young girls and boys. I read these to my son and he got the message, but the characters and illustrations speak the best to girls. It is so great when you can find stories that are so simple and engaging that clearly speak to your children on their level. After reading these I would say that they are such great stories for girls of all ages and especially that 8-11 years old age group.
Sally Loves . . . to Swim! is about having the self confidence in accomplishing your goals and great for the active child who aspires to be a strong athlete. IN this story, Sally aspires to be like her older brother and her athletic Mom and she dreams of doing a triathlon. The entire family gets engaged in helping her accomplish her goal.

Sally Loves . . . to Dance! is another story that shows the importance of working hard to accomplish a dream. Her dream is to perform a luau and she accomplishes that with her friend.
Sally Loves . . . Coloring, activities & Sticker Book! is a great addition to these stories as they are packed with engaging puzzles and games that go along with the characters in the stories.
Sally Loves…. Is a great series for the child athletes or those with talents such as dance, music or other hobbies. They teach them the importance of hard work and determination while keeping the confidence that they will reach their goals if they stay positive and work together with family and friends.
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