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Children’s Book Review: Sometimes

I was provided a review copy for feature

Children's Book
by Hugo Ibarra & John Seidlitz
Sometimes… is a new release children’s book that discusses change and the determination to make the best of any outcomes they may bring. Andres and Clara live in Mexico but suddenly move to the United Sates with their Aunt after an accident happens to their Dad. Their family has changed forever, but along the way there are those that step forward in hard times to lend a hand or an ear. This is their discovery that dreams really do come true…sometimes.
New release book
The second topic the book, Sometimes… brings to light is real stories of immigration. It is written by a Texas Elementary School Teacher, Hugo Ibarra and expert ELL Educator, John Seidlitz. Ibarra immigrated to the US at the age of 25. Within this story they highlight the importance of adult encouragement for children in a time of transition.
Co-Author of Sometimes....
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