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Children’s Book Review: Once Upon a Zombie

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Children's Book about Anxieties
Once Upon a Zombie-Book One: The Color Of Fear
by Billy Phillips & Jenny Nissenson
Once Upon a Zombie-Book One: The Color of Fear is a large, easy read book about overcoming anxieties and controlling your fears. Great for the older child to teenager, this story contains many relevant aspects any child will relate to. It includes the popular zombie theme (ie. anxiety), fairytale characters and a hero teenage girl. The book is easy to read and the story goes beyond evil Queen spells and focuses on being the hero in our own lives once we learn to control our fears and anxieties. It makes the reader really believe that our anxieties can be controlled.
Once Upon a Zombie Book
I think is a gentle, yet clear discussion on childhood anxiety no matter the source. From OCD to general anxiety, this is such a great read to or with your child. My son is 7 and the book is thick with a lot of pages but because it is so smoothly written we read it over just a few nights and at his age, the message remained clear to him. He has anxieties of his own at times and we can now resort back to this story during times he struggles and he will remember how to relate it to his own desire to overcome his feelings.
Once Upon a Zombie is written by Billy Phillips, the President and CEO of Toon Studio Licensing, an intellectual property licensing business. He is a writer, creative director and producer, and has ghost written over 15 non-fiction books. He has lectured on the subject of spirituality and sciencearound the world, including at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and Goddard Space Flight Center. He has conducted interviews on the subject with a number of notable individuals, including Nobel Prize winner and physicist Arno Penzias, physicist Michio Kaku, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and more. He is a father of four and resides in California with his wife.
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